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Latchways is set to revolutionise the rescue process with the introduction of the PRD which utilises innovative design technology.

The lightweight, unobtrusive PRD is contained in a small ‘back pack’ attached to a harness. In the event of a fall the device lowers the faller gently to the ground in a controlled descent.

The whole rescue process only takes a few seconds due to the Latchways engineering in the ‘back pack’ which contains:

  • A parachute type ‘rip cord’ that releases the descending system
  • A brake mechanism and spool with a 20 m cord gently lowers the faller to the ground
  • A standard harness that can be easily released allowing quick evacuation from the fall zone

The PRD is built into a standard harness or can be retrofitted into an existing harness (if retrofitted into an existing harness this should not be done without first contacting Latchways).

Minimal Training and Fast Rescue

Unlike all other rescue devices no specialist training is required as the device is worn as part of a standard harness and activation is achieved by simply pulling the ‘rip cord’. Once the ‘rip cord’ is pulled the spool and its integral braking mechanism lower the faller to the ground in a controlled descent.

1. Check Landing

Check the ground below to ensure descent path is clear and a safe landing is possible.

2. Open Flap

Open the flap on the right shoulder strap to access the ‘rip cord’.

3. Pull Cord

Pull sharply on the ‘rip cord’.

4. Descend Safely

Prepare for landing by bending knees.


The harness conforms to:

  • EN361: 2002
  • ANSI Z359.1.2007

The descender device conforms to:

  • EN 341: 2011 Type 1, Class D
  • ANSI Z359.4:2007

The ‘back pack’ and harness conform to:

  • BS EN 13463-1:2001 equipment group 11 category 2

Risk Assessment

We recognise the complexity of creating risk assessments and the myriad of procedures that often need to be detailed to cover the rescue element of the assessment. The Latchways PRD offers the opportunity to simplify these processes and, to cover all the eventualities likely to arise, has a built in secondary descent release mechanism.